"These are the times of dreamy quietude." --Herman Melville

I am a recent college graduate. I like dark reds and maroons, second only to purples. I like to knit, but it's an on again/off again sort of relationship. I studied literature, history, and writing at school. My passion is music. My parents are both musicians and I was surprised at some point in my childhood to learn that many people didn't know how to properly pronounce Chopin or Wagner. I like cats more than I like dogs, because cats are squishier and floppier. I enjoy food, I'm always developing my cooking skills. I am a semi-closeted sci-fi geek. I believe that television is a valuable entertainment medium and I dislike people who dismiss it. I am a raging liberal.

In real life I am passive and extremely non-confrontational. I am a listener. I have strong opinions and beliefs. I am very tolerant and appreciate (and love) that others have different strong opinions and beliefs. If you aren't tolerant and accepting I don't like you. I'm very loyal and always genuine. I am not emotional. I hate talking about myself.

I am from a generation that is supposedly "entitled," "ignorant," and "lazy." Every generation has been graced with these descriptors. It still makes me angry. I'm from a generation that is ambitious, frustrated, and intelligent. We have more information at our finger tips than any generation before us and we are born with the ability to use technology that didn't even exist in previous generations. We are aware that there is more going wrong in the world than there is going right. Wanting to solve that problem isn't ignorant, thinking that we should be able to isn't entitled, and not wanting to waste time working a 'pay-the-bills' job isn't lazy.

I love oil paintings. Taking long walks in the middle of winter. Dancing horribly. Singing in huge choirs. I love traveling. The thrill of being knocked over by an ocean wave. Midnight movies. Going to museums alone.

I'm not sure about the purpose of Em and the Whale. I want to connect with people and I want to express myself. When I figure it it out I'll tell you about the Whale. I think when I figure out the Whale I'll know why I'm starting this blog.