25 avant 25

Eventually I'm going to turn 25. This is a list of things that I want to do before that happens. If you want to know more about why I'm doing this or what it means to me you can read all about it. This list is fluid. As time goes on things on it might come and go and I'll be linking to posts and crossing things off as I accomplish different items. Without out any further ado I present my list:

1 Be 100% financially independent 
2 Have a full-time job that makes me happy
3 Live in a city that excites me
4 Take a pottery class and drink tea from a mug that I made with my own hands
5 Read at least one book every month
6 Live honestly
7 Finish a New York Times Sunday Crossword on my own (in ink?)
8 Master the guitar and perform (successfully!) in an open mic night
9 Knit big, warm blankets for my family and friends
10 Have really awesome pie
11 Keep a regularly updated blog that develops a following (however minimal)
12 Own my very own kitty
13 Start making attempts at getting my health top notch
14 Travel across the ocean (any ocean, any destination, any reason)
15 See an opera at the Met (hopefully many times)
16 Try swimming laps, yoga, pilates, and hiking
17 Select a new musician to obsess over each month
18 Thoughtfully decorate my home
19 See live performances (plays, musicals, concerts, dance, etc.) regularly
20 Try to make writing creatively a hobby or at least a habit
21 Reach and maintain a weight that makes me feel content
22 Find and join a choir to sing in 
23 Host a dinner party in my own apartment
24 Grow my owns herbs for cooking
25 Become a morning person 

BONUS! Invent a way to stop time or, more simply, don't turn 25