Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Favorite: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I can see you rolling your eyes. I can feel the judgment radiating off of you. I can hear the thoughts flitting through your mind: "Buffy? Really? The vampire slayer." And for you I feel pity. That's right. Pity. Because you are apparently not privy to the genius that is Joss Whedon. You have not been witness to the pithy dialogue, the heart-crushing plot twists, and the magnetic characters that make up any universe that spills from the mind of Joss.

Buffy fills up a small corner in my heart. A corner that is nestled between fluffy blankets, hot tea, and snuggling (my heart is a strange sort of thing). I was skeptical, if not completely unaware, of Buffy when it was originally airing on television. I have a vague memory of stumbling across an episode where no one could speak (Hush!) and then shaking my head and flipping away.

It wasn't until my sophomore (or was it my junior year?) year of school when my lovely roommate finally introduced me to the Wondrous World of Whedon (actually my very first Whedon was Firefly--a story for another time). We watched it in huge, random binges. I think that the entirety of season 5 was consumed in one glorious weekend. It always served as an escape. A much needed escape.

Buffy still serves that purpose for me. Feeling stressed? Lets watch Buffy! Bored? Buffy! Depressed? Buffy! Excited? MOAR Buffy!

I recently acquired my very own copy of the complete series on DVD and have been re-watching the entire thing. I simply can't get enough. I hope that if you have, until the present, lived your life without Buffy, that this will be your last Buffy free day. You can watch the second season ENTIRE SERIES on Hulu. *ahem* Nothing is stopping you. GO.

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