Websites I Love

I spend a lot of time on the internet. A. Lot. Of. Time. So over the years I've started following a lot of random blogs and found numerous websites that I've forgotten how to live without. This list is quite the mishmash so I've included little descriptions about what you might find if you decide to venture over. This list is always changing so keep looking back if you find it interesting!

A Cup of Joe - Wonderful style and design advice. I love her Friday posts that contain links to some of the most interesting things around the web.

A Delightful Affair - I love Lolo's fashion sense and love for her kitty Javier. Plus, she's young and living a successful independent life. Sometimes I have life envy of this girl.

Bacon is My Enemy - Giyen's always full of interesting stories. I can relate to her struggles as she tries to live a life where she does what she wants. I also like hearing about parenting from the perspective of a mother of a teen.

Chrissy - Chrissy is my dearest friend in the entire world (also my husband!). She is hilarious and we have the same taste in, well, most everything so I love reading her updates.

CJane - Living the Mormon life out in Utah with style, the most awesome, huge family, and class. I love reading about perspective that is so far removed from my own reality.

Cry It Out - I love a Daddy Blogger! I'm envious of his Emmaline. I can't get enough of his stories about raising her, show tunes, and sewing escapades.

Dooce - It all comes down to this. Heather is (to me!) the goddess of blog-land. Combine her fascinating past, constant strength, new adventures, design and style taste, adorable children, and silly dogs, and, well, I just can't get enough. You also have to check out her community which is filled with the most gracious, interesting, and quirky people on the web. 

Etsy - Home to all the handcrafted goods of your dreams (I mean if you, you know, do indeed dream about handcrafted goods). Packed with beautiful jewelry, paper goods, clothing, etc. I'm not sure how we lived without this site before, you know, the internet existed.

Finslippy - Alice is hilarious, lives in Brooklyn, has an interesting, smart child, and is super easy to relate to. I'm always excited to read her new posts.

Five Under Five - Mother of two boys and a set of triplet girls, I stumbled across this blog a couple of years ago and have enjoyed watching her children grow up as they move all over the country.

Girls Gone Child - I adore this blog. I love hearing about California life, how she is raising her amazing children, her awesome fashion tips, her interesting food posts. Sometimes I want to be Rebecca, but mostly I just repeatedly check her blog for updates.

Hyperbole and a Half - This is the funniest thing that ever happened to the internet. Ever. I laugh out loud (quite literally) every single time she posts. Amazing stories about her childhood or day to day life combined with completely absurd MS Paint drawings. You must follow this girl.

Mad Lori - There was a time (long ago) that I was a reader of Harry Potter fanfiction (if you don't know what fanfiction is don't look it up) and Lori was the author of one of my favorite pieces. Now I love hearing about her weight loss adventures (she had gastric bypass in the summer of 2009 and is doing amazing things), day to day stories, science factoids, and pop culture references.

Mighty Girl - Mighty indeed. Maggie does amazing things like host retreats and inspire untold amounts of people. Go here and read about life lists, travel adventures (her packing posts are my favorites!), style tips, and San Francisco living.

Mihow - Mihow loves cats. She also lives in Brooklyn and is doing amazing things with her life like going to culinary school and selling lollipops on Etsy. She also has an adorable son who has the most amazing name ever (I'm not telling, you have to click the link).

Post Secret - If you don't know about this post card phenomenon then you probably have amnesia or some other sort of brain damage. Well, lucky for you, you get discover this fascinating art project, turned social experiment, turned national phenomenon all over again!

Questionable Content - My favorite webcomic. Artist Jeph Jacques has put together an awesome ensemble of endearing and amusing characters. Reading about their antics every day is one of my favorite things. I recommend you start from the beginning and read the archives.

Suburban Bliss - Melissa lives in my home state (Michigan!) and I love hearing about her daily antics, recipes (with reviews from the whole family!), and relating to her frustrations and insecurities.

Sweetened Taters - Loren has identical triplet girls and would probably hate that that's how I started a description of her blog, but that's how I found it! Loren is hilarious and I love hearing her stories about her girls and daily adventures.

The Amber Show - I've just started reading this blog, but so far I'm loving Amber's attitude about life and reading about her journey from amateur to professional photographer. 

This American Life - If you aren't hearing the voice of Ira Glass in you head right now you need to hop over to TAL and start listening to podcasts stat. Each episode is packed with fascinating, funny, human, political, and poignant stories. TAL and Ira Glass changed my life. Love it forever.

XKCD - Smart, brainy, nerdy humor mixed with stick figure drawing that are somehow packed with life. Always good for laugh, often an intelligent laugh, which, you know, is also an ego boost.